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The current drawn by the LINKS and the siren s connected to the Bell terminals must not exceed that specified by the rating of the control panel. The wiring between the LINKS and the power supply should not be longer than indicated in the table below: Pull all wires through the hole at the back of the cabinet. Mount the cabinet securely to the wall. Use the appropriate wall anchors when securing the panel to drywall, plaster, concrete, brick or similar surfaces.

Find the antenna connection in the hole at the top of the cabinet. The unit will not work and may be damaged if an antenna is not installed.

Generic DSC wiring question (missing a expansion board) - DSCLink - Universal Devices Forum

Remove the short from jumper J3. Double-check all wiring to ensure that it is correct. Do not connect the power supply until all other wiring, including the antenna connection, has been completed and checked to ensure that it is correct. Program the following sections only see section 4 for a description of each section. Record your programming choices in the worksheets at the end of this manual. Program the following sections only. See section 4 for a description of each section. Make sure that jumper J3 is shorted.

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See section 4 for a detailed description of these sections. Enter the two-digit number for each section you want to program, then, enter the data required to complete the section programming. If you enter information into a section and make a mistake, press [ ] to exit the section. Select the section again, and re-enter the information correctly. Press [1] to alternately enable or disable the option. Press [2] to alternately enable or disable the option.

Enter 2 two-digit hexadecimal numbers. Refer to your Installation manual for information on Hexadecimal programming.

Enter two hexadecimal digits for each code. Enter two hexadecimal digits. When you have finished programming the above sections, disconnect the power and the PCRK keypad. Default condition is No. Leaving all 3 telephone numbers unprogrammed will also disable telephone communications. When the zone is programmed this way, if the YEL terminal is not grounded e. Disable this option to test the system.

Program a 4-digit code in this section using 2 two-digit Hexadecimal numbers. Refer to your control panel Installation Manual for instructions on programming hexadecimal digits. This code will be sent when connection is lost to the panel for more than 30seconds.

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  • Control Panel Wiring Diagram;

This code will be sent when connection is restored to the panel for more than 30seconds. It is one thing to show someone. It is another to try to explain it.

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DSC Power832 with PC5010 Control Panel: Inactive Zone

Okay, I ran a line from they NID to my panel and back to the mainline to the house. I have a red and a green wire to and from the NID. Where dhoes the red and green from to the rest of the house go to? The jack also came with a modular phoe plug with 8 wires sticking out of one end.

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  • DSC Security System Control Panel - 8-32 zone.

I've included a pic of the jack for clarity. Any way here is how to hook it up. You already have a four conductor wire ran fron the NID to the 31X jack, right? The 31X jack should be near the control panel. In the NID you will see a red terminal and a green terminal, There will be wires hooked up to these terminals.

DSC Power 832 Installation Manual: Control Panel Wiring Diagram

These are the phone lines that go to phone jacks in the house, and usally are the same color as the terminals. If not don't let that throw you. Take the wires off the red terminal and put the red conductor of the wire you ran on it. The wires that came off the red terminal get connected to the yellow conductor of the wire you ran.

Now take the wires off the green terminal. The green conductor of the wire you ran goes to the green terminal. The wires you took off the green terminal gets connected to the black conductor in the wire you ran. In the 31X jack, the red conductor gets connected to the red terminal, the green conductor gets connected to the green terminal, the yellow wire to the grey terminal, and the black conductor to the brown terminal.

The cord that has a phone plug on it now connects the RJ31X jack to the panel. Plug the cord into the 31X jack, and in the panel, the red wire goes to the ring terminal, the green wire goes to the tip terminal, the grey goes to R-1, and the brown goes to T