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There was also no mention of online dating apps. couple of weeks, and each time, I either came up with a new justification or told myself I'd stop online dating.

We are so much more then our disability. Regular dating sites tend to focus on more of the superficial aspects of a person. TBInlove is a on line social dating community where you can chat, meet new friend, and many even meet that special some one. A place where you will always be accepted. Our survivor of almost three years fell into a very bad relationship! It now is setting him backwards!

She's trying to turn him on his family and its working! His anger shows and his thinking is definitely off after seeing her so be careful who u trust!! Abby Jackson and Cpl.

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Jackson on Supporting Intimate Relationships. Building Relationships and Overcoming Loneliness. Tips for going out with women When you ask someone out on a date, have a clear plan for what to do. Try to choose an activity you think will be enjoyable for you both.

Starting or Nourishing Romantic Relationships After Brain Injury | BrainLine

Go someplace or do something familiar and comfortable. A first date is not the best time to try out skydiving or swimming with the sharks. No matter what your friends say, hygiene is important. Paying attention to your appearance shows respect for yourself and for others. Take a shower and go light on the cologne.

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Nothing turns a woman off more than you yelling at the waiter or doorman. Remember that dating is supposed to be fun like going to the circus, not like watching a boxing match! Keep your hands to yourself. Ask before you touch. Get in shape and watch what you eat. Skip to content Shannon Tebb is the Toronto-based dating and relationship expert, matchmaker and life coach behind Shanny in the City.

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Are going through there own hell. Who are on the receiving. Yo the point of not knowing.. I can see right through his strategies. And I have turned myself inside out. Where I have no more. Sure as hell going to need lots of it.. These posts break my heart. I fell down the steps when I was 20 12 years ago and was in the hospital for a month with a severe TBI. Internally I am sometimes on top of the world, cocky, arrogant, just crushing life and feel great. And within minutes can be hiding under the covers for months, scared of my next thought.

I relate to a lot of the comments above and feel disgusted at the way I have treated people. I've done my best attempting to get help, and fall off track often. The struggle to find help again gives me so much anxiety that I usually don't get very far. Regarding Steve's comment from Feb Your post broke my heart. I don't have a TBI myself, but have fallen in love with someone who was in a wreck 17 yrs ago age I have two things to share: Perhaps you could get a psychiatric consultation about these emotions and inability to get out in the world-class is Soo similar to the way people with bipolar experience life.

That's my own personal opinion, of course. I did just end a 25yr career working with disabled people. Now I realize the changes in my brain and lifestyle aren't very different from the people like you who I have met. I understand what it feels like to be So Lonely and sad about your life. Me, my boyfriend, and others have suffered, too.

Sorry this is so long.. I just wanted to help a little. This site is helping me so much. I am reading things that sound just like my situation, when I thought it was just me. Dating a man with a TBI he suffered 20 years ago. We are just at 5 months now. He was charming, a dream come true. This all lasted for about 3 months. He told me about the injury at the beginningbut said other than some short term memory issues, there was nothing to really know.

He wanted to plan a future with me. He joined me at several Christmas invites. It was so wonderful. All of a sudden, he changed. Looking at it now, I think I overwhelmed him and I had no idea I was doing it. He even has accused me of controlling him at Christmas He has wanted to break up a couple of times, but then was texing the next day that he loved me. The last two months have been a rollercoaster. We will spend some time together and it's wonderful Says he is'nt fit to have a relationship - Will even block me from his phone.

Then a few days later, be back telling me he loves me. He is in really dark place. I'm trying to get him to concentrate on our friendship. Thank you so much to all of you who are posting, those with TBIs, you are making this easier to understand. I want to understand. I am starting to think that he maybe is afraid that I will see a side that I won't love so he is in this mood. I know most of it has nothing to do with me but it's so confusing sometimes. Will I ever get that wonderful man I loved so much at the beginning back, even for a while? Having TBI is difficult, I've been bailed on cuz of it.

You're with someone you love and things are going great but they don't want to put in the effort to understand and walk away for a downgrade in everyone's eyes. It's gotten to the point that I'm not meant to be with anyone, females don't want to put in the effort in my experiences. I have recently met a guy that I can say have fell in love with very much. He has a TBI and I agree he is the most loving and caring person. He has issues where he thinks i am hiding men and cheating on him while he is in my home.

We have broken up a few times now and he will do the same by blaming me for everything, will block me and then tell me he loves me and wants to work things out with me. Our 2nd breakup I realized he had a TBI and felt awful , because I definitely did not handle our arguments appropriately or to even know how to say I am not lying or cheating. We currently are broken up again and is the same issue of cheating and dishonesty and I am currently blocked. I have told him I would be there for him through all of this and I want to be with him forever.

I want to learn how I can help him feel happy again because he makes me happy. My husband had an accident 7 years ago and now left with TBI. Although very difficult to live with him but I managed to stay strong and stand tall be proud for 7 years. Not easy, very challenging, lots tears and sacrifices but have to do it for the sake of my children we have 2 beautiful smart children. The hardest bit is to make our children understand the situation. Whenever he had mood swings, shouted with temper kids will be scare and upset. Things that I never wanted to see. The only thing made me giving up but also the main reason I am staying.

I have never been apart of online support.

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  • I love my partner very much. We have been together over a year and currently live with one another. I haven't thought one time of leaving him but have been having a hard time supporting myself alongside him through the hard times. I constantly reassure him im here when hes ready to let me be.

    Starting or Nourishing Romantic Relationships After Brain Injury

    Sometimes i talk to him and he doesnt say a word back. He wont look at me, he wont speak to me. I feel like im a burden to him instead of a support system. He has opened up to be a few times in the past about his injury and allowed me to have his back. This time its different, and has almost been a month since this has all been going on. My son is noticing a difference in his whole demeanor as well and takes it personal, like hes done something wrong Do you have any advice for me?? My husband suffered a TBI in He was successful physician which after the accident his license was taken away.

    Our lives have been turned upside down. He was in a day program for 16 months. Learning how to speak, write and walk correctly. Sometimes it feels like it was just yesterday that this all happened. We have good days and we have bad days. And the days that are bad I just have to keep telling myself that this day will pass and hopefully tomorrow will be better.

    We wrote this book hoping it would help one person. I was so afraid of the future and so was he. There was not many books out that I thought could help me. This book shows you a lot about what a brain injury survivor goes through and also the caregiver. I hope somebody reading this will find some part of the missing puzzle in the book.

    It is available on Amazon. He was hit by a car in I found this site in a desperate attempt to find others who go through the experiences of having a partner with TBI.

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    I get very confused with my partner and some of the things he says. He will often contradict himself and his temper is dreadful. He often uses the wrong words for the context. I feel very suffocated in my relationship. I often walk on eggshells, in an attempt to avoid his anger bursts. I don't feel like I can feel any normal human emotional with him because he blows it out of proportion and it ends up being about him.

    Our entire life is based around dealing with his TBI. We have 5 children between us. I am the provider and then I organize the house etc. I get so tired overseeing everything. Today he told me that nothing he does is good enough and that I keep asking for more and more.

    I've come to learn that as a partner of someone with a TBI it is so important to do things in life that make you happy. Your TBI partner generally hates who they have turned into and the last thing they want is to see you restricting your life in order to align with their limitations.

    A TBI partner cannot give you the normal relationship life. They are simply unable to. Being with a TBI survivor means temper bursts, unstable emotions, contradicting their words, fatigue, inability to participate in some physical activity. If you are going to stay with a TBI survivor, you do need something for yourself. You need to have something that rejuvenates you. There will be an emotional gap with a TBI. It's not that they don't love you. They are brain damaged and their altered emotional state and often poor ability to communicate can cloud what that looks like.

    After the coma, there were extremely frustrating years of therapy learning how to walk, read, reason and perform basic independent living functions again. It was torture needing help having to ask a stranger which bathroom said "Men" after leading men in combat for years. Although my girlfriend was by my side for the first year of my post TBI life, she eventually got tired and bored, so she left. In the years since then, all of my relationships have ended like clockwork after about 3 months. I've given up on the chance that I'd ever find someone who would love me enough to see beyond my difficulties and just appreciate the loyalty, humor, passion, and love I have to offer.

    It feels like either contemporary singles are too fickle to prioritize the heart I don't know, but reading these posts shows me that it is possible that someone may at least want to try one day. And sorry for writing a Novela here, but this is my first time sharing in any forum where I feel like someone might be able to understand. The world doesn't feel so suffocating right now.

    But also, just do the things you enjoy and find a way to appreciate what you do have, no matter what happens. I hope she's out there for you. I was so sad to read how much you are struggling in your relationship. I would just caution about making generalizations about all persons with TBI. I have been living with a TBI survivor for just over a year.

    9 Things NOT to say to someone who has had a TBI

    She has thus far moved out three times because of disagreements and she uses moving out as a weapon because she knows how much I love her and how it will hurt me. She just presently moved out three days ago, took what furniture was hers, etc. I am at a loss here and am frazed.

    I love her and want to be with her as I think she does with me. Another thing she does is manipulate a disagreement to make it seem like I am the bad guy and never sees her actions as causing the argument. She also has very explosive anger issues and is very controlling but she turns it around as if I am the controlling one. She's also very antagonistic and has absolutely no empathy when it comes to my feeling. I am at a loss here. I don't know if its even worth continuing in a relationship any longer with her. I feel there's absolutely no stability in her actions. One minute she lives here, a few weeks later she leaves and repeats the cycle She also goes from hot to cold in that she's so in love with me to then breaking up.

    The thing is women are different creatures with or without a tbi. Unfortunately, with therapy it gets better, but we will take the brunt for the most part. As they re learn their emotions again. The breaks start to get longer apart as time goes on. We as the man in this situation have to be strong. Allowing them to just be free. I learn to laugh and joke about it.

    Remember they are a little emotionally up and down. So, if it hurts you that bad maybe try seeing a therapist or get on meds. Or just call it quits, there is nothing wrong with that. I met an amazing woman who suffers from and abi after a mva. Initially, she was loving and would say how much she loved me and many other things. However, her decision making needed assistance and just two days ago, she had a massive arguement with me out of the blue.

    Called me names and said I was controlling, manipulative and have traumatised her. I can honestly say, I have never tried to control her or any of the other things I love her so much that I want to protect her.